September 3, 2022

Self-regulation: the method of trance healing the body and strengthening
the immune system

Learn to use the creative power of your consciousness
to facilitate healing

September 3, 2022.
A full-day online event to help you learn to use the power of your conscious thinking in order to activate self-healing processes in your body. You will learn practical exercises to get rid of allergies, repair DNA, heal chronic diseases and other dysfunctions, balance your body chemistry, cleanse negative energies in the body, and restore harmony and well-being to your body, mind, and spirit. The effectiveness of trance healing has been proven by decades of practice. Each of us can learn to build conscious thought forms that will steer every cell of our bodies toward permanent healing.

This seminar is PART 1 in the system of practical applications of self-regulation.
The full course consists of four seminars.
Gain practical knowledge to self-heal, reverse disease and
steer your body's healing powers
Learn to focus your energy
Learn the exercises to develop and concentrate the power of your conscious thinking so as to steer it toward healing. Concrete practices to learn to recognize the energy of the thought.
Practice instant self-regulation
The method of instant self-regulation allows you to quickly help yourself and others. It can be applied to quickly relieve pain, heal burn injuries and wounds, facilitate tissue regeneration and post-op recovery, replenish energy, normalize blood pressure, neutralize all types of allergens and infections in the body, etc.
Actively work with your spine and spinal cord
Learn the auto manual complex to self-regulate the work of your autonomic nervous system and align the misaligned vertebrae.
Strengthen your immune system and increase your longevity
Learn to use the power of your conscious thinking to strengthen your body's defense systems, improve longevity and reverse the unwanted processes: you can improve your eyesight and hearing, dissipate kidney stones, get rid of scar tissue, etc.
Heal the organs' dysfunctions

Self-regulation is successfully applied when normal physiologic functions of the failing organ systems need to be restored. It is used to restore normal immune homeostasis, aid cellular detoxification, and cure deformities.

Cleanse your body organs and cells from negative information
Learn to proactively protect yourself from harmful energies and information. The suggested exercises are simple, and you can do them any time you feel out of balance and in need of an energy boost.
Use 12 months of continuous support
Use the opportunity to receive guidance from Boris. All participants of his seminars and workshops are encouraged to join regular sync-up calls where they can ask questions that always arise when people start practicing by themselves, share their results, and seek advice.
Use the workbook to deepen your practice
All participants will receive a workbook with detailed instructions for each exercise so that you can repeat them at home, teach your family members, engage in deliberate practice, and bring about the change that you need.
The program
It's a full-day online event. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (GMT+3)
The replay is NOT available for purchase.
10:00–13:00 / Part 1. Instant self-regulation. The new method
  • What is a human, and what powers do we possess? The latest data and research
  • The method of instant self-regulation. The newest approach.
  • How to create an individual healing program. Demonstration for EACH participant
  • How to focus your energy. Demonstration and practice.
  • Energy massage of internal organs
14:00–14:45 / Lunch Break
  • Enjoy your lunch and take the needed break
14:45–18:00 / Part 2. Practice
  • A series of practical exercises that all participants do in real time (comes with immediate feedback)
  • Exercises include: getting rid of allergies (permanently), working with scar tissue, aligning the misaligned vertebrae, strengthening the immune system, cleansing negative energy from your body, etc.
  • Questions and feedback
Fees and Takeaways
  • The price for a full-day online group seminar is € 300 (or 20,000 RUB). We accept ETC and BTC too.
  • All participants receive a workbook with detailed instructions for each exercise that they learned during the seminar
  • It takes about 12 months to master the exercises. Boris provides support and feedback throughout this period. If you have questions about the exercises, you can always email him and rest assured that your message has been translated and delivered.
  • Sync-up calls are optional and very personal (everyone receives help and guidance relative to their specific situation). An additional small fee applies.
Boris Boitschenko
Founder of the project, author of the system of self-regulation practices
"With over 30 years of experience working with self-regulating systems and teaching them to thousands of people worldwide, I have created a system of practical exercises that every person can learn, master, and apply in their everyday lives.

Absolutely everyone can become aware of the creative power of their consciousness and learn to heal their body, energy, and soul. Everyone can consciously create positive events and self-regulate the development of their consciousness.

I have seen again and again that people are absolutely capable of creating their own happiness, health, and destiny."

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Please note that Boris speaks Russian. We offer consecutive interpreting into English, where the speaker and the interpreter alternate
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