February 2023

Self-Regulating Your Energy: Self-Healing Methods of Taoist Yoga to Harmonize Your Inner State, Emotions, and Energy

Learn practical down-to-earth exercises to replenish your energy and facilitate healing by using the creative power of your consciousness

November 12, 2022.

We're inviting you to join a full-day online event to help you learn to regulate your inner energy with the power of your conscious thinking. This seminar is based on the Taoist Yoga practices known as "internal alchemy", which have been systematized to offer everyone living in a modern society concrete exercises in accessible language. You will learn practical tools to own and heal your energy, restore inner balance, protect yourself and your home from negative energies, as well as diagnose your energy and repair your energy field in any circumstances.

This seminar is PART #2 in the system of four seminars about the fundamental self-regulating power of human consciousness by Boris Boichenko.

You can start learning the system from any seminar.

More than 20,000 people have taken this program
with Boris Boichenko since 1991
  • Learn what energy is
    What is energy? What science knows and doesn't know. Chinese, Indian, and modern theories and their practical value in the life of a modern person. Sexual, life-force, and spiritual energy.
  • Learn to protect your energy
    Learn to protect your home from negative energies, cleanse your energy field, strengthen your inner energy, and deflect negative influences. You will learn to activate and cleanse your energy channels and replenish your energy by using a system of simple, yet effective exercises.
  • Learn the system of micro-cosmic orbits
    The first micro-cosmic orbit is responsible for accumulating, cleansing, and transforming your life force; the second orbit is responsible for connecting the spiritual energy with the cleansed body energy; the third one - for helping your connect with the energies of other people so that you collaborate effectively. You will learn exercises to activate and restore each of them.
  • Learn the practice of "Fire Meditation"
    This practice helps you get rid of negative thoughts, energy, emotions, and other unwanted external influences. Use it to free yourself from negative thoughts and experiences and restore mental clarity and sharp, focused thinking.
  • Learn to concentrate your energy

    Learn to apply the principles of Taoist Yoga to do concentrated, focused work and steer your effort in the direction of developing your potential and maintaining focus and clarity in everything you do.

  • Learn to self-regulate your inner state: thoughts and emotions
    Learn to proactively protect yourself from harmful information, correctly diagnose your energy field, and quickly restore it. Learn to self-regulate and balance your emotions instead of suppressing or denying them. The suggested exercises are simple, and you can do them any time you feel out of balance and in need of an energy boost.
  • Use 12 months of continuous support
    Use the opportunity to receive guidance directly from Boris. All participants of his seminars and workshops are encouraged to join regular sync-up calls where they can ask questions (which always arise when people start practicing by themselves), share their results, and seek advice.
  • Use the workbook to deepen your practice
    All participants will receive a workbook with detailed instructions for each exercise so that you can repeat them at home, teach your family members, engage in deliberate practice, and bring about the change that you need.
The program
It's a full-day online event. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (GMT+3)
The replay is NOT available for purchase.
Boris Boichenko
Founder of the project, author of the system of self-regulation practices
"With over 30 years of experience working with self-regulating systems and teaching them to thousands of people worldwide, I have created a system of practical exercises that every person can learn, master, and apply in their everyday lives.

Absolutely everyone can become aware of the creative power of their consciousness and learn to heal their body, energy, and soul. Everyone can consciously create positive events and self-regulate the development of their consciousness.

I have seen again and again that people are absolutely capable of creating their own happiness, health, and destiny."

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Please note that Boris speaks Russian. We offer consecutive interpreting into English, where the speaker and the interpreter alternate
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