Join the collective work of consciously steering global events toward healing
We're an international community, committed to sharing practical knowledge about the self-regulating power of human consciousness so that people can understand themselves, their purpose, and their place in the world and Universe. Start by tapping the rich source within your own being and learn to self-regulate your health, your inner state, and your energy.
Monthly seminars
Full-day events on Saturdays
Online. Worldwide
You have the power to heal yourself,
and you need to know that
Every individual can use the power of their conscious thought to self-regulate their physical and emotional healing, strengthen their intuition, and deliberately create their own happiness.

Join the workshops to learn practical tools and self-regulation exercises to consciously heal your body, replenish your energy, and develop your consciousness.
What is self-regulation?
You have the power to heal your body, your mind, the environment you live in, and the Earth
Learn to apply self-regulation practices
in your own life
The full course on self-regulation consists of four seminars
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International Center of Global Self-Regulating Systems
You can learn more about the author and the practical applications of self-regulating systems below.
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